Welcome to Horspath Village

Horspath & the Wind Turbine

A special Horspath Parish Council Meeting was held in Horspath Village Hall, at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 27th October 2009. This was a fact-finding meeting organised by Horspath Parish Council to learn more about the large wind turbine, which is proposed for installation on Oxford City Council land to the south side of Oxford Road, Horspath. There is not yet any Planning Application to discuss at this stage, and therefore no decisions or votes were taken at this meeting, which was open to any interested village residents to attend.

The Agenda for the meeting was:
1. Welcome and introductions by Mrs Shirley Woodcock, Chairman, Horspath Parish Council.
2. Information about the proposed wind turbine, from Mr. Tom Brinicombe, Head of Marketing, Partnership for Renewables (Oxford City Council's preferred turbine developer).
3. Some reasons for NOT installing wind turbines, from Mr. Michael Tyce, Chairman of the Thame Branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), and a distinguished defender of the Oxford Green Belt against unwelcome building developments.
4. Questions from Horspath Parish Councillors.
5. Questions from Horspath residents.

The following documents in PDF format are available for you to read:

Turbine Location
The proposed location of the turbine is shown on this map.
Near the bottom left is a small red X in the pink shaded area.
The purple shaded area was originally considered for a second
Horspath turbine but has apparently been rejected.