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What the Papers & others say about wind turbines

30th March 2011 - Letter of objection from Horspath Parish Council to the Oxford City Council Planning Dept.

30th March 2011 - CPRE Press Release - CPRE's reaction to the news that Horspath wind turbine has been scrapped.

30th March 2011 - Oxford Times article - "MoD forces city to scrap turbine plan", and check out the "Comments" at the end of the article.

Thursday 24th March 2011 - BBC2 & Windfarm Wars - Cancelled!!! They are showing Coast instead. What is going on??
Those concerned about the proposal to build a 425ft giant wind turbine a few hundred yards from the new Horspath cricket pitch might find a BBC documentary starting on Thursday evening of interest. It is about the four year fight to try to prevent the building of a windfarm in Devon. "Windfarm Wars" starts on Thursday 24th March on BBC2 at 7pm. Essential viewing for Horspath Residents. See details of the programmes.

28th February 2011 - Daily Mail's article on Why the 250bn wind power industry could be the greatest scam of our age.

10th February 2011 - Daily Mail's article on the UK's useless wind turbine.

30th September 2010 - BMW wants city wind turbine moved
Read the Oxford Times report. Read the "Comments" at the end of the article. What will be the next move by Oxford City Council or P f R??

2 August 2009 - The Independent's article asks Are wind farms a health risk?

If you have suggestions for other serious newspaper articles on wind turbines please send them to webmaster@horspath.org.uk. Please give the actual web address of the article. Thank you.

Turbine on fire
A Dutch turbine!