Welcome to Horspath Village

Horspath Play Area – Update February 2010

We are delighted to report that we now also have our contract from WREN (www.wren.org.uk), who have generously agreed to contribute a further £36,500 to renovate our younger children’s play area. Work will be starting on this during the spring of 2010. It will be ‘all hands to the deck’ for a new pirate ship, nest swing, supernova and a special play area for our younger toddlers, all based on the children’s own designs.

Meanwhile the Playbuilder (www.oxfordshire.gov.uk) funded play area for the older kids is moving on. Despite continuous driving rain, which has rendered the site with a more than passing resemblance to trench warfare, it is being landscaped and the play equipment installed. Craig Johnson, from Allplay Services (www.allplayservices.co.uk), our main contractor is working together with Huck (www.hucknetting.co.uk) and Wicksteed (www.wicksteed.co.uk) to create an unusual and challenging play space for our 8-14 year olds. The play equipment will include an aerial runway, a big 4-seater pendulum swing, a birds nest swing, and a ‘twisted timber’ climbing unit, complete with dry river bed crossing, and ‘chill out’ zone.




Here are photos taken in February 2010 of the work on the new play area carried out in pouring rain.

This will be the “Dry River bed”

The Timbers for the "Tree Climber"

Landscaping the area - it will be fine when it has dried out.