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What Is Ringmaster?

Ringmaster is the name given to the computerised message system used by Thames Valley Police to broadcast messages to watch schemes, and other groups, who have responsibility for community safety.The new web based system links all the various watch offices together, all using one computer server.

Ringmaster messages are input onto the system as requested by the police. The messages are then broadcast to the appropriate recipients by telephone, fax, e-mail or SMS, which stands for Short Messaging Service, but is more commonly known as "texting".

Watch schemes will not be informed of every crime that happens in their area, but will be informed of any emerging crime patterns that affect their area. Sometimes, messages will be sent requesting sightings of suspects; to be on the look-out for missing people, or for any information about individual crimes. Co-ordinators will be asked to pass the information to members of their watch scheme, as appropriate, and will be given a unique reference number (URN) to quote when phoning the police in response to a ringmaster message.