Welcome to Horspath Village

What is Horspath Parish Council?

  • Horspath Parish Councillors are all volunteers, who work entirely without payment to support and represent this village community.

  • There is no expenses allowance available for Parish Councillors.

  • Horspath Parish Council consists of 11 elected members, including a chairperson, with a salaried part-time Parish Clerk to provide routine administrative support and to act as the Council's Finance Officer.

  • The elected Councillors may be adult men or women in any proportion, all of whom must be registered as residents and electors in Horspath.

  • Councillors are elected every 4 years, and may be re-elected for a further 4 years if they wish to volunteer their names for re-election.

  • When a vacancy arises as a result of the resignation of a Councillor, the notice of this vacancy is posted on the village notice boards, and unless at least 10 Horspath residents petition the District Council to hold a full Parish Council Election, nominations are simply accepted by the Parish Clerk from anyone on the Electoral List in Horspath, and the remaining Councillors then have the discretion to co-opt one of the nominees to fill the vacancy, if necessary, by holding a vote within the Council if there is more than one candidate for a single vacancy arising.

  • These procedures are transparently fair and are recorded as a matter of public record.

  • All Councillors are obliged to formally declare their personal and business interests when they join the Council, and to agree to a Code of Conduct and follow a set of Standing Orders governing the operation of the Council, which follows the national guidelines for local government bodies.