Welcome to Horspath Village

What are the current Parish Council Projects?

  1. Supporting the production of the Horspath Parish Plan as a blueprint for protecting and improving the village, based upon wide-ranging consultations and a questionnaire to be sent to all households.

  2. Establishing the Horspath Village website as the official village website, owned and maintained by the Parish Council, to improve the communication of all relevant Council news and information to Horspath residents, and to act as an on-line archive of offical Parish Council records, readily accessible by all Horspath residents with Internet access at home, at school or at work. This website is designed to communicate Parish Council news efficiently and transparently to residents of Horspath who are unable for various reasons, to attend Parish Council meetings in person, and also to present a wider public profile of Horspath as a Green Belt village separate from and independent of the nearby City of Oxford. This website will, in addition, communicate information about other village activities solely at the discretion of the Parish Council, and the criteria for doing this will be reviewed from time to time on the advice of the Parish Council's professionally qualified but entirely voluntary webmaster.

  3. Supporting the establishment of a third Affordable Housing scheme in Horspath, to be operated by a charitable trust as a registered social landlord, and designed to provide partly-owned or rented homes for people with existing Horspath connections who cannot yet afford the high prices of village properties on the commercial housing market.

  4. Developing and maintaining a 2.5 hectare section of the former railway cutting, accessed from Butts Road, as the village's own Wildlife Conservation Area, to encourage biodiversity generally, as well as providing specialised habitats for bats in the railway tunnel and for frogs in the pond. A circular path is maintained through the woodland to render the site accessible and enjoyable by all residents, and to local school classes who use it as an educational resource.

  5. Promoting the expansion and improvement of facilities for the Horspath Village Sports Association.

  6. Enhancing and improving the landscape and recreational facilities in the Bowley Field.

  7. Protecting the Horspath Bridge against demolition, and if ever the opportunity arises in future, acquiring ownership of the Bridge for the village, for its eventual conversion into a public footbridge over the busy road.

  8. Supporting the tradition of holding the annual public fair on the Green to celebrate St. Giles' Feast.