Horspath Village and Traffic
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Horspath in Pictures

Here are a few photos of cars and traffic problems around Horspath Village.
The disused railway bridge is the best traffic calming method there is in Horspath,
and it doesn't cause cars to crash into hedges.

Hole in Hedge
Why is there a hole in the hedge? (photo: Keith Brooks)
What is in the hole?
Looks like something crashed.. (photo: Keith Brooks)
Dead red car
Another car didn't make it into Horspath... (photo: Keith Brooks)



This car went through the hedge
on Cuddesdon Road near the inner chicane.
He clipped it, smashed through the hedge
and ended nose-down in a ditch.

This happened in February 2008.
The lesson here is -
Don't speed when passing the chicanes!

Manor Farm, Horspath
Vintage car at Manor Farm, Horspath (photo: Bob Walker)
Motocross poster
Poster for Motocross at Manor Farm (photo: Keith Brooks)
Dead car
This car didn't make it into Horspath... (photo: Keith Brooks)
Bent pole
...it ran into this transmission pole! (photo: Keith Brooks)
Mending pole
Traffic stopped for repair to pole (photo: Keith Brooks)
The above car tried to pass the outer chicane on
Cuddesdon Road too fast on his way to Horspath.
He clipped it, knocked down a transmission pole,
smashed through a hedge and ended up-side-down in a field.

The car in the next photos
went too fast into the chicane on Cuddesdon Road
on his way out of Horspath. He skidded off it onto the hedge
and the car span round to face the opposite direction.

All this happened in 2007.

Car in hedge
This car couldn't get out of Horspath fast enough... (photo: Keith Brooks)
Car in hedge
...it's in a hedge near Hill Farm, Horspath (photo: Keith Brooks)
Bad parking, Horspath
A good example of bad parking in Horspath (photo: Keith Brooks)
Bad parking, Horspath
and he really should know better! (photo: Keith Brooks)
(It is illegal to park on a footway)
Lorry, Horspath
It couldn't fit under Horspath Bridge! (photo: Keith Brooks)
Parking in Horspath
Obstacles in Butts Road on the way to school, Horspath (photo: Deborah Evelyn)

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