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Horspath Village Allotments Project

Here is the list of queries which were put by the webmaster to the Glebe Land Manager (GLM) in October 2008 with his responses.


1. How will plots be allocated?

1A. The Diocese accept applicants on a first come first served basis. [I know this reply will please some of you but not others. The GLM does know in what order you all applied because, as instructed, I sent him your names as I received them.]

2. What are the chances of a water source being made available to the site? We know that the existing plots have an old well with a pump to raise water. Would this well be made available to the new area?

2A. The Diocese does not normally put on mains water to allotment sites. The existing allotment holder(s) must have paid for the well and pump. It would be a matter of negotiation with them (by me [the GLM]) to see if this could be made available to all.

3. What will be the size of the plots? The RHS advises that a full size plot is approximately 250 square metres and half size plot is up to 125 square metres. It is possible that there will need to be shared plots or half plots as we have 19 applicants. I'm sure folk would prefer to have half a plot rather than have no plot at all.

3A. I suggest that this will depend upon the amount of land finally available. I am certainly not one to argue with the RHS! [The size given in the May 2009 proposal is 10 x 4 metres.]

4. Where will the entrance be? You told me it would be by the gate at the far right of area C, but the gate into B looks better as it is immediately adjacent to the new allotment area. It should be very straight forward to make a trackway into area A. Who is responsible for gate maintenance?

4A. The entrance will be through the gate into Area B. The Diocese did provide a new gate some years ago but this was immediately stolen. The current gate was provided by and is maintained by one of the allotment holders. I am aware of its condition and will be asking the Diocese to replace this when/if this project is pursued.

5. Will there be a car parking area?

5A. It would clearly be sensible to provide some car parking but this will reduce the area for gardens and add considerably to the set-up costs. [I don't think we need hard standing, just a patch for parking.]

6. Sheds: The allotment holders will wish to keep some equipment on site, such as wheelbarrows which are not easy to transport by car on a daily basis. Is there a preferred size of shed? If permission were given for a shed, would it also be permitted to erect a lean-to greenhouse against the shed?

6A. Normally sheds are not permitted on an historic basis. I feel that this is unrealistic in today's world so generally we give permission for small sheds (6x4). A lean-to greenhouse would not worry me either. All such buildings would be erected by the allotment holders subject to any other consents necessary, would remain the allotment holder's property and responsibility for insurance etc.

7. Will the following items be permitted: water butts, wooden posts and frames as plant supports, fruit cages, wire netting to keep out the many rabbits?

7A. No objections.

8. Will the following be permitted to aid cultivation: poly tunnels, raised beds, tractor-loads of farmyard or stable manure, bonfires, herbicides to control the wide spread infestation of "mares tails" weed?

8A. No objections although poly tunnels may require planning permission? [I don't think we are thinking of 6 ft high tunnels, just the low ones about 1 ft high.]

9. Will dogs be permitted in the area?

9A. Yes.