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Allotment Gardening Month by Month Allotment & Vegetable Gardening Ring
Allotments Regeneration Initiative The Allotment Gardener
Clearing a New Allotment Garden Action
Garden Organic Gone Gardening - Vegetable Gardening
How To Clear An Allotment How To Design an Allotment
RHS Planning an allotment National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners
Vegetable Expert - Vegetable Gardening Vegetable Gardening Calendar
The Gardeners' Calendar The Allotment Garden Company
Sow Seeds Co Ltd. Amazon books about allotment gardening
30 Gardening Tips When Growing Your Plants,
Fruits and Vegetables
Allotment Gardening: All the Interesting Things You Need
to Know About Allotments

The Geology of the area and why we have a spring
by Ivan Wright, Shotover Wildlife

Allotment Gardening Literature

Allotment Gardening: An Organic Guide for Beginners (Paperback) by Susan Berger (ISBN 1 903998 54 9)
Practical Allotment Gardening: A Guide to Growing Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs On Your Plot by Caroline Foley (New Holland)
RHS Fruit and Vegetable Gardening, Editor-in-Chief Michael Pollock (ISBN 0 7513 3683 1)
The Allotment Book (Collins) (Paperback) by A. M. Clevely (ISBN 13 978 0007270774)
The Half-hour Allotment (Royal Horticultural Society) (Hardcover) by Lia Leendertz (ISBN 13 978 07112 2605 0)
The New Vegetable and Herb Expert by Dr D G Hessayon (ISBN 0 903505 46 0)
Your Organic Allotment (Gaia Books Ltd) (Paperback) by Pauline Pears & Ian Spence (ISBN 13 978 1856752787)
You can download this one (PDF file, 400 Kb, very large so please be patient!)
Allotments: a plotholder’s guide. Revised Edition, June 2007. Published by ARI for DCLG
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