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Saturday 20th July at 9am to Noon (or when finished). The last fund raising event in the Chapel before it is advertised for sale - "Ironing Your Clothes in the Chapel!" Enthusiastic volunteers ironed piles of clothes brought in by villagers. There was so much to be done that the event continued for a while after midday.

Enthusiastic volunteers ironing the piles of clothes brought in, and chatting with Friends

Wednesday 15th May 2013 - A Journey to the Roof of the World, in Nepal.
A Journey made by Sally Humphrey with her family in 2012 with stunning illustrations. The six walked through fields of mustard and millet and forests of oak and rhododendron at the lower elevations (5,000 to 12,000 feet) and up to rocky hillsides and lakes at 15,000 ft. Their Tibetan guide, Krishna, and 3 Tibetan Sherpas where indispensable. They stayed in Tibetan family hostels so gained a flavour of the lives of Tibetan families who live in the mountains of Nepal.

Sally wearing her Tibetan costume and visitors enjoying another great buffet

Saturday 27th April 2013, 11.00am til 4.00pm. Everyone was invited to pop into an Event at the Chapel to find out exactly what the trustees of The Friends had been doing over the last couple of months; what it would entail to buy the Chapel for the community; what it is hoped to achieve with this facility as part of the village, in conjunction with the Village Hall. Villager's views, support, and ideas are essential to this venture's success. There were complementary refreshments, children's indoor and outdoor activities, exhibitions, displays and more! Read a report on the event with many photos.

Brian Lowe's exhibit of old photos of Horspath

Wednesday 17th April 2013 - Martin Harris's own story of his expedition by helicopter to the Russian Arctic.
Repeated by popular demand on Monday 3rd June 2013.
Martin Harris was invited by the Russian authorities to travel as a scientist on an expedition far into the Russian Arctic, to investigate the melting of the North Polar ice cap, and this was his personal account, illustrated with hundreds of photos, of his unique travel experiences, his insight into Russia's strategic interest in the claiming the North Pole for Russia, and the great impact of the fast-melting sea ice on polar bears and the other beautiful wildlife in the Arctic, as well as the indirect effect of this even on the weather here in Britain. This could be quite a frightening report on the state of our planet, but was still suitable for children.

After the talk visitors tucked into the super buffet and discussed the event

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