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An Event at The Methodist Chapel
27 April 2013

The double doors of the Horspath Methodist Chapel opened for the first time in several years on the 27th of April when the Friends of Horspath held an Event between 11:00am and 4:00pm. Over 200 villagers came to see the Chapel - many for the very first time - and to share information about the possibility of buying the Chapel for village use. Displays of information and charts to seek ideas and help that villagers could offer filled the main hall. The Event was sponsored by a grant from SIB fund (Social Investment Business). This granting body is keen for the Friends of Horspath to consult villagers about the possibility of buying the Chapel for village use and to find out how people would like it to be used. This funding has enabled the Event to happen, the recent leaflets to be produced, and grant applications to be made to various funding bodies.

Janet Carr, Chair of SODC, with Laurence of FoH

As people entered the hall they signed in and received a ticket for their free slice of Pizza. Many youngsters headed immediately into the garden area for their pizza. Others milled around the various points of interest in the hall:

  • Many people joined Friends of Horspath if they were not already members. This free association supports various activities in the village and one of its sub-committees is instrumental in working towards buying the chapel.

  • They posted their membership forms into the big red "POST BOX" which stood for the part time postal service that will hopefully be available if/when the Chapel belongs to the village.

  • People filled in 'post-its' giving their ideas for various activities they would like to see happen. Among the many suggestions were these new ideas: Children's Pottery Classes, Barn Dances, Baby Cafe, Table Tennis, Quiz Nights, Lace Making, Children's Pantomime Club, Tot Ballet, Table Top Sales, Whist Drive, Beetle Drive, Coffee days with John Watson School pupils, etc.

  • People also signed a sheet about how they would like to help the project. There were offers of: "my time", "making cakes", "carpentry", "IT skills", "graphic design", "good telephone skills", "talks on wildlife", "painting classes", "running a cafe business", "making grant applications" etc.


  • People learned about the village website from the Webmaster herself, Heather Palmer. This excellent site holds a wealth of information and is the best way to keep up with the latest information about this project.

Webmaster (in sun hat) in discussion with PCSO Ken Cooney

  • People looked at Neville Buckett's Neighbourhood Watch display and spent a long time looking at Brian Lowe's display of the History of Horspath. Some even took pictures of some of the old photographs of the village, which were on display. One villager who has lived in Horspath all her life said, "That used to be the shop and post office. I remember going there when I was a girl. They pulled it down. Now the service station is there."

Visitor taking pictures of historical photos



Gradually people moved into the next room for tea, coffee biscuits and ice cream cones. Six different varieties of delicious fresh bread from local Cornfield's bakery were being sold as an example of the possibility of a local produce-market taking place in the Chapel.

The tasty and popular Cornfield's bread

Pictures showed how the dangerously narrow path to the Village Hall could be replaced by a safe pathway going through the Chapel grounds and around the edge of the cricket pitch to the Village Hall car park. One elderly resident said, "This should have been done a long time ago."

Aerial view of Horspath showing safe path from Chapel to VH (dotted line)


In the next small room children could draw and make stencil pictures under the supervision of volunteer helpers.


The door opened from this room onto the garden area where children were enjoying the bouncy castle and everyone could get their free slice of pizza from Ricco's Pizza Shack van. Many people bought an extra pizza to take home for later.

Cooking pizzas in Rico's Pizza Shack van

One man asked a question which must have been on many people's minds: "Will the Chapel not compete with the Village Hall?" The Friends of Horspath envisage this hall, which is a much smaller space, being used for different sorts of activities. It would add to rather than compete with the choice of spaces to use and hire out in Horspath. Another person at the Event put it this way: "I would like to give a lecture series in the village. The village hall is too big a space. This warm welcoming room would be perfect." The Friends of Horspath feel strongly that there is a place for both spaces to be used and envisage a community cafe open when the post office sessions are scheduled.

Villagers discussing the possibility of buying the Chapel


When another resident was asked what she thought about buying the Chapel for the village she replied, "Oh, yes. We MUST keep it. We (meaning herself and her husband) could do some things here."

Already the next events are being planned. Be sure to follow all the latest news on the Horspath Village website: www.horspath.org.uk

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